Safeway Engineering Services is committed to providing our clients' with innovations and technological advances that meet the most challenging demands of the industry.

Our client list reflects our dedication and commitment in delivering what we promise.

Safeway Engineering Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Safeway Co. LLC. And is located at the Rusayl Industrial Estate in the Sultanate of Oman.
SES work in conjunction with leading global oilfield companies to create value addition (in-Country-Value) in the Oman market. We have higher levels of Omanization of our workforce, and taken an In-Country-Value programs seriously, and currently aiming for much higher levels.

SES has government approved industrial licenses to produce a wide variety of oilfield equipment in cooperation with our global associates.

Our products are designed to meet international standards of Safety and Quality. SES has the capacity to serve Oman and other regional markets.
Management Commitment:

We understand that our commitment to SES Quality Management System is essential for it's effective implementation. We commit ourselves to continually improve the effectiveness of the established QMS by:

* Communicating to the employees the importance of meeting customer's requirements and statuatory and regulatory requirements.

* Establishing the Quality policy and objectives.

* Conducting management reviews.

* Ensuring availability of resources.
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HSE Policy
About Us
SAFEWAY Group is seriously committed to Health Safety and Environment excellence. SES recognize that good health, safety and environmental issues are equally as important as any other business activity.

To demonstrate this commitment, the Safeway Group empowers all employees to "not start work unless they believe it is safe to do so; and to stop work if they believe it has become unsafe."

Will ensure that all employees are aware of the HSE policy through the Training Programme and Safety Induction.

Maintains that everyone is responsible for their own safety and the safety of others at the workplace. 

Maintains that line management is responsible for the implementation of HSE policy.

Understands that accidents, injuries and environmental disturbance are preventable and accountable. 
Shall conduct its activities in a manner which, so far as is reasonably practicable avoids disturbance to the environment. 

Maintain environmental standards that there will be, at a minimum, those required by respective national laws and regulations, but the group will strive to adopt industry best practice.

Strive for continual improvement in HSE performance.

Routinely carry out internal and external Audits to promote and maintain the group's HSE goals, objectives and targets.

Communicate internally and externally on the Group's HSE performance and plans for improvement.

Expect sub-contractors to adopt the Group's HSE policy and standards as a minimum requirement.
The Safeway Group will pursue the concepts of this HSE policy through its operational procedures, HSE plans, visible management and supervisory commitment and shall periodically review them.
Quality Policy: