Safeway Engineering Services LLC offers a strategic product advantage through our global agencies and partnerships.

Our agencies reflect the best of international technology and are certified by the highest standards of global certification.

Safeway is able to offer its clients a strategic benefit through the technological advancement which these agencies bring to the industry.
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TETRA Technologies
Xylan® Coating is a unique non-stick and highly durable fluorocarbon polymer-based coating which offers superior resistance to chemicals, corrosion and abrasion.
Energo Engineering is a specialty engineering firm that solves difficult structural engineering problems for the oil & gas industry.
Provides different waste treatment solutions based on different wastes and specific project requirement.

The waste is discharged in a manner which meets international standards and environment protection.
TETRA Technologies focusses on completion fluids and associated products & services, after-frac flowback, production well testing and associated services and wellhead compression.
Global Agencies
FMC Technologies
Houston Well Screens
GEI Industrial Systems
Mid-South Control Line
FMC Technologies Surface Wellhead division is a leading supplier of drilling, completion and production systems for onshore and offshore applications.
Houston Well Screen is a leading manufacturer in the well screen industry. We offer a wide range of premium mesh, wire-wrap, pre-pack and slotted screen solutions
GEI Industrial Systems Ltd is a leader in heat transfer technology & specializes in the design, manufacture, fabrication, testing, erection & commissioning of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers for Oil, Gas and Power sector and Air Cooled Vacuum Steam Condensers for Steam Turbine Power Plants.
Mid-South Control Line offers the finest quality control line tubing and completion accessories for the oil and gas industry. Products include welded and seamless coil and instrumentation tubing, encapsulated control line, well completion products, and pneumatic spooling units.