Since conception, SES has manufactured, supplied and serviced for various projects and contracts for the oil industry in Oman and in the region.

SES manufactures Wellhead equipment in association with FMC, and including, but not limited to Various API 6A products, such as Crosses, Flow Tees, and flanges of various types. We have added General Engineering capabilities to manufacture of Wire Wrapped Screens, Down-hole gauge bodies and various engineering products. 

SES has capability for, inconnel and Stainless steel overlay, including other welding requirement. In addition, we have the capabilities for Grit blasting, painting and specialized in 'XYLAN' (PTFE) Coating.
Surface Wellhead Systems.

* Conventional Flanged Wellhead systems

* Compact (Unihead) Wellhead System

* Casing, Tubing Head and Tubing Hanger

* Spools, Adapters and Flanges

* Crosses and Tees

* Manufacture & repair of full range of FMC surface wellhead equipment according to API 6A for all PSL levels

* Well head services:  Assembly & testing of well head equipment, installation & commissioning,      

* Valves' gates and Seats and including all related maintenance services
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Oil & Gas
Control Valve - Supply & Services.
* Safety Relief Valves.
* Ball & Butterfly Valves
* Gate Valves (API 6A).
* Global Valves with motorized pneumatic actuators.

XYLAN (PTFE) Poly Tetrafluoroethylene Coated Products.
* Increases longevity and reduces wear & corrosion.

Water Shut-off Treatment.
* Chemical shut-off programme.

Under Balanced Services & Hydraulic Work-Over.    

Hydrogen Sulphide Packages for Drilling / Work-Over.

Pumping Services.    Sucker Rods.     Beam Pumps.     Tubings & Pipes.

Wire Wrapped Sand Screens & PDL.

* Manufactory of Wire Wrapped Screens of various sizes, in conjunction with our principals Houston Well Screens of Singapore ( a Weatherford Division).

Pre Drilled Liners.

* A full range of Pre Drilled Liners from 2 inch and above.

Permanent Down Hole Gauges.

* SES provides full service for Permanent Down hole Gauges including the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Reservoir Management.

Filtration and Well Testing Services.

Drilling and Well Services Consultants.